Lubomira Tomanikova


I am a postgraduate research student supervised by Ivan Savov and Jason Harvey working on volatiles and fluid-mobile elements (FME) systematics of the subarc mantle under Kamchatka. The aim of my research project is to constrain interactions between the mantle wedge and slab-derived fluids and melts via the study of metasomatized (veined) mantle xenoliths. My work on FMEs (e.g. B, Li, Cl, etc.) and B isotopic compositions of vein minerals will help to resolve and to quantify the role of slab-derived fluids and melts on the nature of metasomatic reactions in the subarc mantle, and link these to magma generating processes beneath Kamchatka arc volcanoes.

The project is part of NERC-funded Deep Volatiles consortium.

My Deep Volatiles profile webpage can be accessed via the link below:

Research interests

  • Mantle petrology
  • Subduction zone geochemistry
  • Melt- and fluid-rock interactions
  • B isotopes in subduction zones


  • BSc Geological Sciences, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics
  • Rocks, Melts and Fluids