Yao Zhao


I obtained my bachelor's and master's degree from University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in China. I also studied in Nanjing University for 3 years as an enchange student from 2015 to 2018. 

Research interests

I really interesting in studies about boron and chloride isotopes. When studying in NanJing University, I focused on utilizing the halogen (chlorine and bromine) and boron isotopes to trace the origins of brines and evaporites (mainly halite) and to interpret the evolution process of hydrothermal water., including (i) halogen and boron isotope characteristics of brines, lakes and springs in Tibet; (ii) new evidence from halogen and boron isotope for multiple sources of Middle Miocene Badenian evaporties, Carpathian mountain region; (iii) experimental study on boron isotopic fractionation and incorporation mechanism of aqueous boron species into calcites in nature seawater.

Now, I start the study about mobility and fate of chromium in soils and sediments: Implications for chromium cycling in natural and contaminated environments.

Research groups and institutes

  • Cohen Geochemistry