Ben Robra

Ben Robra


My research focuses on organisations in a degrowth society. This means on the one hand what organisations could look like in a degrowth society. On the other hand, how organisations can help to reduce throughput and help achieve a degrowth paradigm shift. The focus lies in researching organisations and modes of production that have a counter-hegemonic potential. This means organisations that work differently to the predominent growth-based capitalist society that we live in. Peer production organisations are an alternative mode of production and way of organising that seems promising in this regard. The aim is to research these organisations in connection to society as well as the natural environment. My PhD uses and combines Gramsci's theory of hegemony and Luhmann's social systems theory to achieve a novel and complex perspective on organisations and how they can contribute to achieving a sustainable degrowth society. The core idea is a perspective on organisations that are encompassed and embedded in society taking socio-political dynamics into account.

Research interests

  • Degrowth
  • Post-growth economies
  • Digital commons
  • Digitalisation
  • Alternative organisations
  • Peer Production
  • Alternative modes of production
  • Hegemony and counter-hegemony
  • Social systems theory
  • Political economy
  • Political ecology


  • MSc Ecoloogical Economics, University of Leeds
  • BA Business Administration, Hamburg School of Business Administration

Research groups and institutes

  • Economics and Policy for Sustainability
  • Business Organisations for Sustainable Societies
  • Sustainability Research Institute