Charlie Dunham


I completed the MGeophys Geophysical Sciences programme here at the University of Leeds graduating in 2014, having spent one year at Colorado School of Mines in the USA. I went on to work in seismic aquisition before returning to Leeds to work as a part time Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Geophysical Sciences programme, and pursue a part time PhD.

My studies focus on using seismology to investigate the tectonic structure and processes of West Antarctica. I am currently using a joint inversion of receiver functions and Rayleigh Wave phase dispersion curves to image crustal structure across the region.

Professor Graham Stuart and Dr Sebastian Rost


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, part time PhD student

Research interests

I am part of the UKANET seismic and GNSS network, a collaboration between the University of Leeds, University of Durham and the British Antarctic Survey to study Earth structure and processes in West Antarctica.

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  • Master of Geophysics, MGeophys. University of Leeds: Geophysical Sciences

Student education

As part of my Graduate Teaching Assitant role, I teach and provide support to the Geophysical Sciences programme. This involves teaching and assisting on a range of modules within the programme, as well attending all core field trips. I additionally help run a drop in session where all Geophysical Sciences students can get help with their studies.