Dr Hamish Gordon

Dr Hamish Gordon


Hamish's research interests lie in modelling aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions and aerosol formation. He is part of the CLARIFY project, focussed on aerosol-cloud interactions in South Atlantic Ocean stratocumulus clouds, and the CLOUD experiment, studying aerosol nucleation at the CERN research laboratory in Geneva. Prior to joining Leeds in 2016, Hamish was a research fellow at CERN, modelling results from the CLOUD experiment and helping to manage the facility. He now uses and develops the aerosol, chemistry and cloud microphysics components of the UK Met Office climate model HadGEM (specifically UKCA and CASIM). A particular focus is the development of high-resolution regional configurations of the climate model. He works in the research groups of Ken Carslaw and Paul Field.

Aerosol formation, aerosol chemistry, aerosol-cloud interactions, atmospheric composition.

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  • DPhil, experimental particle physics (LHCb experiment), University of Oxford
  • MA, MSci, Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols