Ann-Kristin Koehler

Ann-Kristin Koehler


Since Oct 2010 I have been a Research Fellow at the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science working on various projects.

Currently I am working on a CSSP-China funded project RICHES (Regional Impacts of Chinese Heat and Humidity Extremes on Society) where I am researching which extreme events drive changes in agriculture in Southern China.

Previously I was working on a SARIC (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Innovation) project led by the School of Biology. In SARIC I was researching the development of a potato cyst nematode (PCN) population advisory tool that provides robust advice for disease management. It follows on from a BBSRC funded project, in which I investigated the consequences of climate change for UK PCN pests.

Before these projects I worked on a CCAFS (CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security) funded project researching effects of climate change on food security. During this time I did extensive research developing and using GLAM to simulate wheat in India. Since a large part of Indian wheat is irrigated, temperature is very important, rather than simply water availability, and I therefore focused on the uncertainty in temperature related processes in the crop model and the uncertainty from climate models and bias-correction of climate models. The uncertainty in the crop model can come from either the parameters or how a process is implemented in the model.

Another CCAFS funded project I contributed to showed that projected warming will reduce maize yields in Africa unless breeding and seed systems adapt immediately. I performed a time of emergence analysis using maize climate indices.

Alongside my main projects I have worked on other short funded projects, e.g. a project with a breeding company and an environmental consultancy researching how weather information could be used to improve the analysis of breeding trials, and a literature review on crop modelling for a large consumer-goods company.

Further I took part in the AgMIP-wheat (Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement for wheat) project over multiple years. This allowed me to obtain good experimental data, which I used to improve and test the wheat version of the GLAM model. 

Apr 2007 - Apr 2010: PhD from University College Cork, Ireland which looked at the carbon balance of a blanket peat catchment. This involved measurements of net ecosystem CO2 exchange using the eddy covariance method, methane using the chamber method and dissolved organic carbon using a spectroanalyzer.

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  • PhD Environmental Science, University College Cork,
  • Diploma Biomathematics, University of Greifswald

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
  • Climate Science and Impacts