Dr Jenine McCutcheon

Dr Jenine McCutcheon


I joined the School of Earth and Environment in 2017 as a postdoctoral research fellow on the NERC funded Project Black and Bloom. As a geomicrobiologist, my role in the project is to characterize the mineral particulates and black carbon nanoparticles found on the Greenland Ice Sheet in association with cryophilic algae. Prior to this post, I completed my PhD (2017) at the Unversity of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). My thesis focused on cyanobacteria-enabled precipitation of carbonate minerals for the purposes of carbon sequestration and materials stabilization.

Research interests

My research focuses on mineral-microbe-fluid interactions in a range of natural and engineered environments. I study the ways in which small-scale biogeochemical processes influence large-scale systems, with a particular focus on utilizing these reactions pathways to solve environmental challenges, such as mine waste remediation and carbon sequestration in mineral products.

My current postdoctoral reserach focuses on mineral dust and black carbon accumulation in association with ice algal growth on the Greenland Ice Sheet, and the impact these darkening agents have on ice sheet albebo and melting (https://blackandbloom.org/). The interdisciplinary nature of my research means that I target complex micro- and nanomaterials containing both biological and lithological components. Consequently, I implement a multi-analytical, materials-based approach to fully characterize environmentally and economically important biogeochemical processes. I achieve this using high-resolution scanning and transmission electron microscopy in conjunction with various spectroscopic techniques, X-ray and electron diffraction methods, and a variety of aqueous geochemical analyses.

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  • H.BSc. Geology and Biology, Western University (London, Canada)
  • MSc Geology, Western University (London, Canada)
  • PhD Geomicrobiology, The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

Professional memberships

  • European Association of Geochemistry
  • Geological Association of Canada

Research groups and institutes

  • Earth Surface Science Institute
  • Cohen Geochemistry