Kate Sambrook

Kate Sambrook


I am a Research Assistant in the School of Earth and Environment, where my work focusses on trying to better understand the effect of both regional and global climate change on extreme weather events, using data from a variety of sources.

To date, I have worked in collaboration with The Climate Coalition to produce a scientific chapter for their report, 'The Game Changer: how climate change is impacting sports in the UK'. The report highlighted how the changing climate has already affected the UKs best loved sports; football, golf and cricket and revealed how an increase in extreme weather events such as flooding and thunderstorms could create new risks and challenges to how these sports could be played in the future.

Available online: http://www.theclimatecoalition.org/gamechanger/

I am currently working with Professor Piers Forster on the impacts of climate change on hurricane frequency and intensity in the North Atlantic. As part of this project, I am using historical data from the National Hurricane Center as well as projections from the latest IPCC report to study how the ocean surface and the atmosphere interect to affect hurricane development.

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  • MSc, Climate Change and Environmental Policy, University of Leeds
  • BSc (Hons) Geography, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science