Dr Jutta Vüllers

Dr Jutta Vüllers


I joined the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) in October 2018, working on Arctic boundary-layer and cloud processes. In my current role, I'm analysing in-situ and ground-based remote sensing measurements observed aboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden during the Microbiology-Ocean-Cloud Coupling in the High Arctic (MOCCHA) campaign. The research goal of the project is to understand key atmospheric boundary-layer processes responsible for low-level cloud formation, persistence and dissipation. This analysis of direct, detailed measurements is imperative for improving numerical weather prediction models. Therefore, I am working closely with members of the modelling community to identify model shortcomings and improve model parameterisations.

Previous projects:

Virtual Institute DEad SEa Research VEnue (DESERVE), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: My research focused on land-surface boundary-layer interactions in the Dead Sea valley. I analysed a comprehensive ground-based remote sensing and in-situ measurement  data set to investigate the distinct local wind systems in the Dead Sea valley and their interaction with the surface energy balance. Three types of wind systems and their drivers were identified and it was demonstrated that diurnal wind systems are the key driver of evaporation from the Dead Sea.


Research interests

My research interests are boundary-layer processes, land-atmosphere interactions, local wind systems, low level clouds and their interactions. I am mainly working with in-situ and ground-based remote sensing  data, focussing on synthesising data from various instruments to overcome shortcomings of individual measurement techniques. 


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  • PhD, Meteorology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Diploma, Meteorology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Professional memberships

  • Member: American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • Member: European Geosciences Union (EGU)

Research groups and institutes

  • Atmospheric and Cloud Dynamics
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
  • Climate Science and Impacts
  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science