Ruth Amey

Ruth Amey



  • Postdoctoral researcher, 40% FTE (Oct 2018 - present)
    • Investigating seismic hazard in Central Asia
  • Manager of SENSE Earth Observation CDT, 60% FTE (Jan 2020 – present)
    • Managing the overall administration of the CDT, contributing to shaping vision and strategy



Download slipBERI - a Bayesian slip inversion code incorporating fractal properties through the von Karman correlation

Invited conference talks:

  • 'A Fractal Future for Earthquake Slip Inversions', R.M.J. Amey, A. Hooper, R. Walters, Y. Morishita, Oral presentation at AGU, Washington DC, Dec 2018

Selected Conference Contributions:

  • 'Not Just Rough Around the Edges: Fractal Properties of Exhumed Fault Surfaces in the Italian Apennines' R.M.J. Amey; L. Wedmore; L. Gregory; A. Hooper; K. McCaffrey; M. Wilkinson; H. Goodall; J. Woodman. Oral presentation at AGU, New Orleans, 2017
  • 'Going To Any Lengths: Solving for Slip and Fault Size in Mw 6.2 Kurayoshi, Japan, 2016 Earthquake', R.M.J. Amey; A.J. Hooper; K.H. Spaans. Poster presentation at Fringe, Helsinki, 2017
  • 'Napa Valley Earthquake 2014: An Opportunity to Shake-Up Inversion Methods', R.M.J. Amey, A.J. Hooper, J.C. Hawthorne, T.J. Wright. Oral presentation at Living Planet Symposium, Prague, May 2016
  • 'Slipping New Prior Assumptions into Old Methods - Application to the Napa Valley Earthquake', R.M.J. Amey, A. Hooper, Oral presentation at EGU, Vienna, April 2016
  • 'Modelling Fault Slip Distribution using Geodesy and Seismology', R.M.J. Amey, A.J. Hooper, J.C. Hawthorne, T.J. Wright, Poster Presentation at Fringe, Rome, March 2015

Prizes and funding secured:

  • Letter of Commendation for publication Amey et al. 2018, School of Earth and Environment, March 2019
  • Winner of Outreach and Impact Prize, Leeds-York DTP Conference, June 2018
  • COMET funding, secured £500 to run the Pint of Science festival, November 2016
  • Winner of Satellite Applications Catapult sandpit competition, May 2016
  • Best Poster Presentation, Leeds-York DTP Conference, May 2016
  • European Commission Student Grant, € 300 to attend the Living Planet Symposium, April 2016
  • PhD funding on highly competitive Leeds-York DTP (Doctoral Training Programme), Sep 2014
  • St. Anne's Travel Grant, awarded £250 to do a landslide summer school in Krygyzstan, July 2014
  • BP Travel Grant, awarded £1000 to undertake a geophysics internship in Russia, June 2013
  • St. Anne's Travel Grant, awarded £300 to conduct my independent mapping project, July 2012
  • BP Bursary, awarded £4000 during my undergraduate degree, Dec 2010

Independent Courses:

Science communication:

  • Host of a earthquake hazard video designed to be used as a teaching aid to help improve knowledge about earthquakes and faulting, particularly in central Asia, through the Parsquake project
  • Education Outreach Fellow for the School of Earth and Environment (2015-2017)

I also help look after the School of Earth and Environment honey bees.


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  • PhD, University of Leeds
  • MEarthSci, Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Student education

Undergraduate practical demonstrating:

  • Inverse Theory - 4th Year Geophysics
  • Active Tectonics - 3rd Year Geology
  • Tectonophysics - 2nd Year Geology
  • Remote Sensing - 2nd Year Geology


  • Malham Geophysics Fieldschool - 1st Year Geophysics

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics