Dr. Joe Ament

Dr. Joe Ament


As an ecological macroeconomist, my research and teaching is focused on monetary theory and policy in the context of social and ecological justice. My main interests lie in the role of macroeconomic and banking policy on ecological and social issues like housing affordability, income and wealth equity, sustainable agriculture, and resilient social systems. Because of this, I spend a lot of time thinking about how a different understanding of money could inform a more just and sustainable approach to policy. 

I am very interested in public banking, public infrastructure banks, national investment banks, and fiscal and monetary policy that is aimed at social and environmental issues rather than price stability alone. The study of money is deeply entwined within the sociological, ecofeminist, anthropological, and historical literature. Because of that I am also very interested in the work of embeddedness and dualism, and how humans imagine themselves as separate from one another and nature—and importantly, how that imagining informs how we create and use money.

In the video below, I join a panel to talk about transforming money for degrowth. 


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Research interests

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Svartzman, Romain; Ament, Joe; Barmes, David; Erickson, Jon; Farley, Joshua; Guay-Boutet, Charles; Kosoy, Nicolas. 2020. Money, interest rates and accumulation on a finite planet: Revisiting the ‘monetary growth imperative’ through institutionalist approaches. In “Sustainable Wellbeing Futures: A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics.” Edward Elgar.
  • Alperovitz, Gar; Ament, Joe. 2020. The Transition to a Pluralist Commonwealth. In “Sustainable Wellbeing Futures: A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics.” Edward Elgar.

Other Media

Current Projects

  • Ament, Joe. 2021. A System of Sovereign Money with Nationalized Public Banking for Justice and Sustainability. 
  • Ament, Joe, 2021. Toward a Resilient Macroeconomics: how coordinated fiscal/monetary policy can effectively respond to shocks. 
  • Morgan, Caitlin; Brevik, Kristain; Barbieri, Lindsey; Ament, Joe; Morse, Josh. 2021. Humanity in/of/are Nature: Re-embedding Reality in Sustainability Sciences. 
  • Ament, Joe; Tobin, Dan; Trubek, Amy; Morgan, Caitlin; Morse, Cherie; Merrill, Scott;  2021. Operationalizing Embeddedness in Rural Foodscapes: A Measurement Tool for Social Scientists. 
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Research groups and institutes

  • Economics and Policy for Sustainability
  • Sustainability Research Institute