Edward Oelman

Edward Oelman

I currently work as a consultant for the Logistics Team within the Operations Consulting Group at Arup in London. Whilst the work we do is broad in nature, a large proportion of the work I carry out on a day to day basis is to help deliver servicing strategies for new and refurbished developments in the built environment, and offer advice on how to reduce the impact of freight and deliveries through strategies such as the use of consolidation centres for freight vehicles.

"Without my Masters at ."ITS I would not even have been considered for my current role at Arup

Besides this fact my experience at ITS has given me a firm grounding in transport issues and a range of other transferable skills that I now use on a weekly basis at Arup. These include presentation skills, report writing, forming arguments, excel skills etc. It also helped me to improve my independent working ability which has proved invaluable at Arup where you are encouraged to think and act as an individual, whilst operating as part of a larger team.

I decided to study at ITS Leeds because I had heard about the reputation of ITS within the transport and engineering industry/community. This is demonstrated by the fact that within Arup there are numerous other ITS graduates from over the years, including another in the Transport Planning team from my year at ITS who I still see on a regular basis.  The wide range of choice of modules and interesting topics that we were able to study was also a great motivator.

My advice to students considering joining ITS is that if you have an interest in transport, go for it!

"My year at ITS was one of the most enjoyable I had as a student and one that I will always remember, and has already proved extremely useful in my short career since leaving University."