Choice Modelling and Stated Choice Survey Design

Course overview

This one week course, run by the Choice Modelling Centre (CMC) at the University of Leeds, will provide delegates with an in-depth introduction to basic and advanced choice modelling and stated choice survey design.

Taught by experts from the University of Leeds and the University of Sydney Business School, the course will consist of a mixture of lectures, computer practicals (using R and Ngene), and detailed case studies. Bringing together expertise from fields as diverse as transport, health, marketing and environmental economics, the course will cover all the steps required for successful choice modelling analyses, from inception via survey design and data collection to modelling, analysis, interpretation and implementation.

After taking this course, the participant will be able to design a stated choice survey, analyse stated or revealed choice data by estimating widely used discrete choice models, and interpret behavioural results. By letting participants do hands-on exercises with popular software, they will become familiar with the theories and models, which adds greatly to the learning experience. This makes the course suitable for practitioners who would like to get a good introduction and are interested in applications, as well as experienced academics who are interested in learning more advanced methods in design and analysis.

Designed for people in the industry, these courses will develop up-to-date skills and knowledge for all transport professionals. They typically last 1-5 days and are accredited to contribute to your personal development requirements.Short courses are taught by active research staff and teachers, with external experts contributing, and are normally held at the Institute for Transport Studies. Alternate arrangements can be made to bring a course closer to you.

These courses can also help you to attain credits towards a postgraduate qualification at the University of Leeds – you will have to formally apply to be a student here, so get in touch to find out more. All courses can be tailor-made to your company’s particular needs. Please get in touch to discuss bespoke course options.

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