Puteri Paramita

Puteri Paramita

 Why did you choose to become a mentor?

I had two wonderful mentors for the first 2 years of my PhD study. I received a lot of benefits from their mentorship, therefore, I would like to return the favour by spreading the wonderful experience to fellow graduate students. I took a lot of teaching and mentorship training from QUT over the past year and wanted to apply and share the knowledge that i am passionate by t being a buddy and helping to others.

How do you think this scheme will benefit current students?

The students will gain a wide range of knowledge, sharing of experience and professional exposures from people outside their closest academic circles. They will also have a buddy for a limited period of time that is committed to assisting them along the way, but eventually, the students will be able to see things from a different perspective and probably inspire them to make to better future plan.

 What have you been doing since you graduated from ITS?

I have been 5 years working as a transport consultant for 3 different multi-national consultancies and then continue my PhD study in the same disciplines at the Queensland University of Technology.

Tell us about your job and what it involves.

Research Title: “Comprehensively Understanding Urban Transport Mode Choice: Integrating Socio-economic Profile, Revealed Travel Behaviour, Perceptions, and Stated Preferences”

This research focuses on identifying factors that influence traveller’s on mode choice and understanding their impacts on travellers’ mode choice decision-making process. Relationships between travellers’ socio-economic profile and their recent travel experiences versus their chosen mode will be quantified and tested statistically. Urban travellers’ data has been collected from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. It is divided into three major topics as below,

  •  Transit Policy: Travellers’ Satisfaction
  •  Consistency Test between Stated Preference and Revealed Preference dataset
  •  Transit Policy: Mode Shifter

 What experiences at Leeds do you think have particularly helped with your career?

  • Having multiple assignments to be completed within short periods of time enabled me to have strict time management skills and the ability to complete many tasks within a limited time period
  • The transport data analysis unit’s assignment trained me to do a complete survey and analysis
  •  The thesis project I chose provided me with plenty of experience to talk to authorities and obtain important knowledge and information from them.

 What was your favourite part of studying at ITS?

Meeting friends from all over the world and I also truly enjoyed the small-class lectures during my time there.

 Do you think ITS’ links with industry helped you in your career?

Indirectly, during my time the link with industry was still very limited, only career day where employers came over and conducted interviews but unfortunately they were only looking for local students. I gained just some practice interview opportunities with big companies.

 What advice would you give to anyone thinking about undertaking a transport course at Leeds?

Just go for it, don’t think too much!, It was a crazy plan (as a lot of my friends in Singapore said), but it was truly rewarding and an unforgettable experience, studying in ITS, the University of Leeds and living in Leeds. I would say "it was an investment in my life in the future"

My advice to students interested in this course would be to go for it, don’t take too much time to think. If you are unsure, go browse and quickly scan the modules. You will get a better idea and assurance. No one said it is going to be easy, but it's truly rewarding for your life. You can always treat it as one year gateway to find your true self. It's what I believe. When I moved back to Singapore after getting my Msc I found a new me with a new spirit for life and a whole bunch of new  friends all over the world.