Research seminar - Shared Mobility: Where Now? Where Next?

Professor Greg Marsden will give an account of the findings of the Commission on Travel Demand’s enquiry into Shared Mobility.

The report sets out why sharing is so critical to decarbonising transport and just how much scope there is to reduce both the size of the vehicle fleet but also the 621 Billion empty vehicle seat miles which move round our road network every year.

However, attachment to individualised ownership is strong amongst some groups. The presentation will ask whether this is as robust and resistant to change as standard behavioural and psychological measures suggest? It suggests a more pro-social way of approaching an acceleration in the uptake of sharing.

The presentation will review some of the evidence on sharing initiatives to date. However, what has been achieved in the UK has largely been in the absence of any real policy to promote sharing and this matters to the scale of change. The talk will conclude by outlining some of the 20 recommendations which have been put to government and industry to make sharing a bigger part of our transport futures.

Bio: Professor Greg Marsden, University of Leeds.

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