Jeroen Bastiaanssen

Jeroen Bastiaanssen


Jeroen Bastiaanssen is a PhD-Student at the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), based at the University of Leeds. He holds an MSc. in Urban Planning and Transport from the Radboud University, the Netherlands, where he was awarded the biennial thesis prize 2014 by the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands for his master’s thesis on transport poverty among job seekers in Rotterdam. After his studies, Jeroen worked as transportation consultant at Mobycon and as researcher at the Radboud University and Windesheim Polytechnic University. At the Radboud University he worked on research related to transport poverty and accessibility measurement with associate prof. Karel Martens, a renowned expert on transport and social justice. During this period, Jeroen was awarded two grants for short scientific missions at ITS (2014) and LNEC (2016) within the framework of EU Cost Action 1209: Transport Equity Analysis. In 2016 Jeroen was awarded a LARS-scholarship by the University of Leeds, where he started his PhD-research on Youth Mobility and Access to Economic Opportunities with mr Daniel Johnson and prof. Karen Lucas, a world-leading expert in the area of transport-related social exclusion.

Research interests

My research aims to explore the extent to which (young people’s) poor employment outcomes in the UK and mainland Europe are partially caused by poor job accessibility, and adverse conditions often associated with deprived neighbourhoods. The findings of his research will be used to inform public transport policies in West Yorkshire and the Randstad region, through close collaboration with and sponsoring by the local transport authorities.


  • MSc. Urban Planning and Transport
  • BSc. Planning and Urban Renewal