Said Munir

Said Munir


Currently Dr. Munir is working as a Research Fellow on Environmental and Health Assessment of Transport Pollution at the Institute for Transport Studies, Faculty of Environment, University of Leeds, UK. He is mainly working on two research projects: nPETS and MODALES in the field of vehicle emissions, transport pollution and health impact. For the last several years, Dr. Munir has been working on various aspects of air quality monitoring, emission modelling, data analysis, impact assessment, spatial-temporal variability, air pollution chemistry and source apportionment both in the UK and Saudi Arabia. In addition to his academic qualifications (two M.Sc. and a PhD Degree), Dr. Munir has successfully completed several research projects and published more than thirty five papers in peer reviewed journals including Atmospheric Environment, Atmospheric Research, Science of the Total Environment, Atmosphere, Aerosols and Air Quality Research and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Dr. Munir has extensive experience in dispersion modelling systems (e.g., ADMS-Urban and Airviro), statistical modelling (e.g., Quantile Regression Models, Generalised Additive Models, Land-Use Regression Model and Receptor Models) and mapping. Dr. Munir has experience in using ArcGIS, R programming language and several of its packages including quantreg, mgcv, openair, lattice and dplyr for data analysis. In addition to his research work, Dr. Munir is an enthusiastic and professional teacher in the field of Environmental Sciences, Transport, urban environment, sustainable development, research methods (data analysis, experimental designs and data visualizations) and environmental pollution.


Research interests

Currently I am Working mainly on two projects: nPETS (, and MODALES ( in the field of vehicle emissions, transport pollution and health impact. nPETS aims to reduce the impact of transport-related nanoparticles on the health of humans and animals. In the nPETS project, I am working on the impact assessment of new polices and recommendations designed to address nanoparticles emitted from transport vehicles, covering identification of impact areas and pathways, development of assessment modelling, assessment of health and economic impacts, as well as social acceptance and societal readiness for new policies. MODALES has a specific focus on improving driving behaviour to reduce emissions from exhaust, brake and tyre. In MODALES project, I am carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the data collected by the real-time driving assistance app, and derive variables used to profile a driver's behaviour and optimised driving profiles as a benchmark. I am also carrying out an environmental impact assessment of anticipated MODALES innovations (e.g. exhaust monitoring, driving behaviour training).


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  • PhD from ITS, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Spatial Modelling and Dynamics