Dr Guilhermina Torrao

Dr Guilhermina Torrao


I have a Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering focusing on transportation and road safety (University of Aveiro, PT & North Carolina State University, USA) and an MSc degree in Environmental Engineering (Clemson University, USA).

Regarding to academic and research work experience, previously at the University of Bradford, UK, as an Enterprise Research Fellow  the Programme Leader for the MSc course in Engineering Process Excellence delivery for Jaguar Land Rover Postgraduate development. In addition to my teaching experience, I have substantive collaborative research experience from working in the USA and in Portugal. 

Currently at the ITS, University of Leeds, I am mainly assisting with research related to the very interesting and enthusiastic L3Pilot Project, which is funded by the EC for Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads.  


  1. Publications in Journals
  • Torrão, G., Fontes, T., Coelho, M.C. and Rouphail, N. (2016). “Integrated indicator to evaluate vehicle performance across: Safety, fuel efficiency and green domains”. Accident Analysis & Prevention, Volume 92, 153–167. doi:10.1016/j.aap.2016.03.008
  • Torrão, G., Coelho, M.C. and Rouphail, N. (2014). “Modeling the impact of subject and opponent vehicle on crash severity in two-vehicle collisions”. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation, Volume 2432, 53-64. doi:10.3141/2432-07
  • Coelho, M.C., Torrão, G., Emami, N., Grácio, J. (2012). “Potential benefits and environmental impacts associated with the use of nanocomposites for the automotive Industry: Research strategy and trends for the future – small objects, big impacts”. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, American Scientific Publishers, 12(8), 6621-6630. doi: org/10.1166/jnn.2012.4573
  • Torrão, G., Coelho, M.C. and Rouphail, N. (2012). “Effect of vehicle charactersticst on crash severity: Portuguese experience“. Injury Prevention. Volume 18. Transport Surveillance and Methods 41. doi: 10.1136/injuryprev-2012-040590u.41 
  1. Publications in Proceedings of Scientific Conferences
  • Torrão, G., Rouphail, N. and Coelho, M.C. (2014). “Modeling the impact of subject and opponent vehicle on crash severity in two-vehicle collisions”. 93 rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 12-16 th, Washington DC, USA.
  • Torrão, G., Rouphail, N. and Coelho, M.C. (2013). “Binary Classification and Logistic Regression Models Application to Crash Severity”. Selected Proceedings of the World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTR 2013), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Silva, R., Torrão, G., Coelho, M.C. (2012). “Emissions and fuel consumption estimation for vehicles involved in crash collisions: Application to Portuguese road safety data”. 15th Meeting of the Euro Working Group on Transportation “Energy Efficient Transportation Systems, Paris, France.
  • Coelho, M. C., Torrão, G., Fernandes, P., Silva, R., Rouphail, N. (2012). “Evaluation of Compromise between Security and Emissions for Road Traffic”. 6th National Meeting of the College of Mechanical Engineering the Engineers, Coimbra, Portugal.
  • Torrão, G., Coelho, M.C., Rouphail, N. (2010). “Effect of Vehicle Size and Weight on Crash Severity: Portugal Experience”. Proceedings of the World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTR 2010), Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Torrao, G., Carlino, R., Hoeffner, S., Navratil, J., (2003). “Characterization of Plutonium Contaminated Soils from the Nevada Test Site in Support of Evaluation of Remediation Technologies”. Proceedings of Waste Management Conference (WM03), Tucson, Arizona, USA.


  • Assisting with L3 Pilot Project

Research interests

  • Inclusive mobility for all road users;
  • Proactive integration of autonomous vehicles;
  • Accident analysis and injury risk modelling;
  • Vehicle technology and safety;
  • Drones;
  • Speed evaluation;
  • Data quality.
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  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc, Environmental Engineering

Professional memberships

  • CEng IMechE
  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Student education

I. Programme Leader for MSc Engineering and Process Excellence for Jaguar Land Rover Postgraduate Development -  Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK.

  • (2015-2018) Tutor for EPE Programme courses:
  • Advanced Statistics for Engineering 
  • Advanced Process Modelling and Analysis 
  • Coaching Development for Engineering and Process Improvement 

II.  (2015- 2016) Lecturer of Transportation Studies (20 credits module) for the course on Civil and Structural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK..

III. Supervisor of MSc dissertation research projects, Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK. 

  • (2018) MSc project assessing research methods for vehicle interior air quality evaluation - MSc project in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. 
  • (2017) MSc project developing a roadmap for driver seating design for autonomous vehicles by H2027 - MSc project in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.
  • (2016) MSc project evaluating the impact of roadworks layout design in accident frequency and injury risk in UK.

IV. (2004-2006) Lecturer of Environment and Health Science course, Institute Jean Piaget, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal.

  • Urban Ecology (10 credits module)
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation (10 credits module)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (10 credits module)
  • Environmental Policy (10 credits module)
  • Environmental Toxicology (10 credits module)
  • Pollution Control and Remediation Techniques (10 credits module)

Research groups and institutes

  • Human Factors and Safety
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