Dr Layik Hama

Dr Layik Hama


Research Fellow at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). I am a gradaute of School of Computing with my PhD on geological data visualization for learner geologists in the field. I have been developing software applications in various specialities such as Linked Data and Knowledge Bases, Android and iOS applications, various NoSQL/SQL DBMS, Tripple Stores. I try to be functional in my choice of programming languages but my first language was Java. I am new to data science but I know it leads to very interesting computation subjects (all practice at the moment with the theory at the automnomous driving seat).

I consider myself an advocate of open source software first but with plenty of space for proprietary codebase too.


  • Developing sustainable transport data science tools
  • Data analysis and visualisation

Research interests

Working with Dr Robin Lovelace and others within and outside LIDA, we work on active transport data science projects. Currently working on geospatial transport data analytics and visualization. I work with datasets from various sources and utilze the power of R and NodeJS. Recent project is a World Health Organization (WHO) active tranport planning toolkit open sourced here. We look at datasets and make it easy to see patterns in them. We have generalized the technology used in the WHo project as an open source toolset to empower other data scientists to analyze and deploy their geospatial analysis proejcts as web applications.

I hav been interested in software abtraction and the power of simplicity of using programming languages. That is why we are also working on developing tools to be used by data scientists. But my interests also stretch to health data and Electronic Health Records, too.

<h4>Research projects</h4> <p>Any research projects I'm currently working on will be listed below. Our list of all <a href="https://environment.leeds.ac.uk/dir/research-projects">research projects</a> allows you to view and search the full list of projects in the faculty.</p>


  • PhD, 3D Geological Data Visualisation Techniques in field education. University of Leeds.

Research groups and institutes

  • Spatial Modelling and Dynamics