Kadam Lokesh

Kadam Lokesh


Kadambari Lokesh is a DecarboN8 Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies. She obtained her PhD in Aerospace from Cranfield University (2012-2015) with her multi-disciplinary work focussing on the techno-economic environmental risk analysis (TERA) of advanced biofuels in civil aero-engines. This research involved a comparative evaluation of the biofuels and conventional fuels, focussing on travel demand’s contribution to climate change, barriers to reaching climate targets, modelling system-level operations, fuels functionality and behaviour, land-use impacts and the economic potential of the biofuel’s commercial roll-out on nationally-set carbon targets. These research methods were applied at a wider level during her role as a research associate at that University of York (2015-2020), for a H2020 funded research programme STAR-ProBio, for the evaluation of industrial polymers (surfactants, packaging materials and resins), drawn from bio-based and conventional sources. Leading the development of an environmental framework, identifying challenges and gaps in the sustainability reporting within the industry, development and the inclusion of resource efficiency and circular economy methods and metrics were some of her many responsibilities in this project.  



Research interests

Some of the main research activities involve

  • Analysis and development of policy recommendations to decarbonise road-transport in rural and urban areas;
  • Identification and analysis of wider carbon inventories and tools for road transport for wider application within the DecarboN8 research; 
  • Wider-boundary environmental (including embodied carbon and energy) performance and economic feasibility evaluation of new developments in the northern transport corridors;
  • Development of approaches to review existing road-transport carbon data and set appropriate sector-level carbon targets;
  • Development of novel metrics and analytical methods for the evaluation and interpretation of carbon emissions data to help devise effective place-based decarbonisation measures;




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  • PhD, Alternative fuels and Aerospace, Cranfield University
  • MSc, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Westminster
  • BSc, Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Madras