Dr Yim Ling Siu

I am a lecturer in Environmental Risk and a geographer by training, with nearly 30 years’ experience in inter- and multi-disciplinary research into the environmental (risk) problems which emerge from our modern societies, in particular from the water, energy and transport sectors. My research focuses on (1) investigating the magnitude of our uses of water, energy and transport modes and its (cascading) effect on the physical and living environments, (2) how to better understand the level and type risk and uncertainty, and (3) what, if any, mitigation policies and measures can be provided. My ethos is to enable better understanding of the risk and to make sustainable, positive changes.

Over the past years, I have been fortunate to be able to work with colleagues in the fields of water, energy, transport and environmental science, ranging from academic communities, government departments, NGOs and private organisations and businesses within and outside the UK. I have successfully completed a set of research council funded projects and presently, I am the grant-holder of a project on “Translating science: Treatment of uncertainty” under the Met Office-China Newton Fund (2017-2019). Due to my expertise and extensive research experiences, I was invited to give presentations to delegations of high-ranking government officials from China on environmental auditing and risk assessment (2016) and climate-induced natural disaster risk assessment (2017).

Additionally, I am a reviewer of British Council’s UK-Researchers Links and UK-Institutional Links and have been invited to act as a reviewer by NERC and UKIERI.

Besides research, I am passionate about teaching and actively promote student-centred learning. I have been awarded “Teaching Star Awards” twice and recently, I have been nominated by Leeds University Union as “Inspirational Teaching” under the Partnership Awards Scheme.

My passion of teaching and research helped to formulate the MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy study programme. It provides students a unique study experience and training in combining physical and social science perspectives to better understand climate change and its impacts on the economy, society and the environment.

Students in this programme engage with some of the world’s leading researchers of climate science, food, energy, ecological economics, policy and politics, most of whom are also lead advisors to national and international governments. Upon completion of the programme, students will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the evolving and complex issues of the physical, social and policy aspects of climate change, and its impact on broader environmental policy and governance. MSc projects are a highlight and I look forward to actively engaging with students, learning and solving new problems each year.