A photograph of a heron in a peat bog. From the WaterLANDS project.

WaterLANDS (Water-based solutions for carbon storage, people and wilderness) will restore wetland sites across Europe which have been decimated by human activity and lay the foundations for scalable protection across much wider areas.

Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme iCASP, part of Water@Leeds based at the University of Leeds, is one of the partners involved in Waterlands. The team will be supporting the six action sites across Europe using the range of stakeholders and knowledge exchange process they have developed. For more information email iCASP communications manager Cath Seal or administrator Melanie Stonnard iCASP@leeds.ac.uk

One of the Action sites that iCASP will be focusing on is  - The Great North Bog - an ambitious peatland restoration project in the north of England involving partners including Yorkshire Peat Partnership, Moors for the Future, North Pennines, Wildlife Trusts and Northumberland National Park.

To determine how we can upscale wetland restoration across Europe. The project will be directed by the need to engage with multiple stakeholders to fully understand their needs and then to identify the ecological conditions, governance structures and financing required to support this goal. The UK component of the project focuses on blanket peatlands in northern England.

For more information on the project visit www.waterlands.eu or follow on Twitter, and sign up to receive news and updates.

A map for the project WaterLANDS.

Waterlands logo.