No.10 Data Science Fellowship

Dr Robin Lovelace, from Leeds’ Institute for Transport Studies and Leeds' Institute for Data Analytics, will work with 10 Downing Street’s data science team and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on issues ranging from decarbonisation to the Government’s levelling-up agenda.

As part of this new role, he will co-design research and produce analysis using new and existing data to inform national policy. Dr Lovelace is an Associate Professor of Transport Data Science, focusing on geographic and computational methods for sustainable transport policies.

He said: “This is a unique opportunity to support more evidence-based, data-driven and participatory decision making processes at the highest levels. “The Fellowship will allow me to make the best use of my expertise to support the needs of central government. “My skills are well placed to support the government in harnessing the power of data science to tackle pressing policy objectives, including decarbonisation and the government's levelling-up agenda. “Translating high level policies such as full decarbonisation into local interventions is a major political and technical challenge and data science can help identify effective interventions and ensure investment goes where it is most needed.”


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