Liam Morris


I undertook my undergraduate studies in Food Science and Nutrition, where I gained a vast amount of knowledge in several different areas. My main interests were food chemistry and biochemistry. My undergraduate research project involved the quantification of aflatoxin-B1-lysine adduct in human serum samples.This was conducted using an immunoassay technique known as ELISA. 

I then worked within the school as a laboratory technician for 6 months, and it was during this time I saw the advertisement for my current project. I am currently in my 4th year of my PhD.


Research interests

I am interested in the use of low-power, non-destructive acoustic techniques for the characterisation and investigation of crystal systems, the general use of acoustics in the food industry, and the development of low-power acoustic devices to study food materials. 


  • BSc. Food Science and Nutrition (Hons)