Nahlah Alkhunain


I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; I am working as a teacher assistant in Princess Nourah University in KSA. I received my B.S from King Saud University and my MSc from University of Florida in Nutritional Science. I am interested in the improvement of children's food selection in the primary school environment, through working on food interventions.

Research interests

The prevalence of childhood obesity and the related risks has risen among school children as an unbalanced diet. The school environment provides an important opportunity to improve children’s diet and health behaviour. My PhD project will mainly focus on children’s food at primary school, and will examine children’s food selections and strategies for them to choose health ier food options for their school lunch. Primary schools that offer school lunch selection by digital boards will be recruited to participate in this study. Then, children from Reception to Year 6 will be observed in an attempt to understand why they select specific school lunch meals from digital boards in the morning. Depending on the results of the observations and data analysis of children’s selections, an intervention will be developed and tested to encourage children to make healthy choices at mealtime.