Dr Rammile Ettelaie


Rammile Ettelaie is currently a Senior Lecturer in Food Chemical Physics, having joined the Department in March 2001 as a Lecturer. Previous to his appointment, he was a senior research scientist with ICI plc for 11 years, having worked in the Corporate Colloid Science group (Runcorn, UK) and then The Colloid and Rheology Unit (Wilton, UK). Rammile�s current interests span the simulation and modelling of a range of food related interfacial phenomena, including:

  • Adsorption and formation of mixed food protein + polysaccharide films at air-water or oil-water interfaces.
  • Competitive adsorption amongst different protein species and between protein and surfactant molecules.
  • Investigation of interactions mediated by adsorbed interfacial layers to understand and assess the colloidal stability of food colloids under a range of environmental conditions.
  • Disproportionation and Ostwald ripening processes in bubble and emulsion dispersions
  • Behaviour of particle stabilised bubbles
  • Study of transport properties of highly heterogeneous food systems

Various simulation techniques, including Monte Carlo and Brownian Dynamics, as well as numerical calculations based on Self Consistent Field theory are used throughout the above studies. The department is a partner in White Rose High Performance Computer initiative, allowing access to the state of art computing facilities at Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

My current interests span the simulation and modelling of a range of food related interfacial phenomena.

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Research groups and institutes

  • Food Colloids and Processing
  • Food Colloids and Soft Matter at Interfaces
  • Theoretical Modelling and Simulation