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Hardknott forest

Northern Monk’s Faith in Future Foundation commits long-term support to the Restoring Hardknott Forest project, led by the Biosphere Atmosphere Group in the School of Earth and Environment.

A landscape view of the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain range. To the left, two people are hiking on a stony path.

A new paper makes the case for an updated Wilderness Quality Index (WQI) across Europe, including non-EU states, to ensure precious wild landscapes and ecosystems are protected.

Limestone crag on Snaizeholme Fell.

Pioneering research will for the first time monitor how the creation of England’s biggest new native woodland could help stave off the worst effects of climate change, such as flooding.

An image of a forest from above.

If the world’s natural forests are allowed to grow and mature rather than being cut down, 226 billion tonnes of carbon could be taken out of the atmosphere, according to a major international study.

Yorkshire Dales at Ingleborough. Credit Andrew Parkinson WWF UK.

Researchers and charity partners including Professor Dominick Spracklen and Dr Catt Scott are restoring nature in the Yorkshire Dales.