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Innes Hamilton

Innes Hamilton studied Exploration Geophysics MSc at the School of Earth and Environment.

Since graduating from Leeds, Innes has focused her career on using near surface geophysical acquisition, processing, and interpretation for infrastructure, environmental, and green energy projects.

Having a background in geology and a love for the outdoors, as well always being interested in the green energy shift, I have pushed for my career to incorporate these. Working on projects I’m passionate about really motivates my work and inspires me to keep learning.

Innes Hamilton

Recent job roles

Innes has now progressed from the graduate and field assistant roles to a geophysicist with project lead responsibilities for geothermal energy facilitation, as well as other infrastructure geo solutions.

Assistant geophysicist at AECOM – “Gave me great fieldwork experience for a wide variety of near surface geophysical techniques for infrastructure and environmental projects.”

Geophysicist at 6Alpha Associates – UXO detection for offshore wind farms, detailed magnetometry and sonar processing.

Geophysicist at Ruden AS – More focused on the near surface seismic techniques, ERT for geothermal energy facilitation and other infrastructure.

Current job role

Innes is geophysicist and field geologist at Ruden AS based in Oslo, Norway.  

“This involves project leading and participating in various near-surface geophysical surveying such as refraction, MASW, ERT and IP, as well as geophysical well logging, mainly ATV and OTV for fracture analysis…

…The main type of projects are the exploration and evaluation for geothermal energy systems, as well as other geological projects which need a geophysical solution. I am involved in the scoping, fieldwork, data processing and interpretation of the projects.”

Choosing Leeds

Innes originally chose Leeds because of its “good reputation” and being “highly recommended”.

“Also, due to having a geology BSc beforehand with only a couple of geophysics courses, I was keen to learn from the pure geophysics side of things.” Plus, the course had an “impressive list of industry contacts” as well as the option to participate in “geophysical field work”.

The breadth of software experience has been so useful when going into industry, as you get exposed to so many and have to navigate between them all.

Innes Hamilton

“Training in Oasis Montaj potential field analysis was incredibly useful in my previous job as a geophysicist in the UXO detection industry.”

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