Wolfson Multiphase Flow Laboratory

We have undertaken major research projects on the petrophysical properties of tight gas sandstones and on measuring the properties of shales in both top seals and shale gas reservoirs.

Our research facilities include a CT scanner, flow systems for relative permeability and capillary pressure determinations, an ultracentrifuge, pulse-decay permeameter, NMR, as well as equipment for investigating the electrical and ultrasonic properties of rocks. The laboratory has two temperature controlled laboratories that are specifically designed for measuring the multiphase flow properties of low permeability rocks.

We offer a wide range of routine and specialised commercial services. We specialise in analysis of low permeability samples (tight gas sandstones and shales, fault rocks) and can undertake routine work on higher permeability samples. Our flexible approach enables be-spoke sample analysis or research in which construction of new experimental facilities are required.

The Wolfson Multiphase Flow Laboratory is part of Geosolutions Leeds.


Our laboratory has sophisticated equipment for investigating multiphase flow in porous media. Details of our facilities and our consultancy services can be found at the Geosolutions Leeds webpages.     

  • CT Scanner
  • State-of-the-art two-phase flow system
  • Steady-state gas permeameter
  • Steady-state liquid permeameter
  • Pulse-decay gas permeameter
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • He porosimeter
  • Hg-injection porosimetry
  • Porous plate
  • Humidity chambers
  • Capillary pressure and formation resistivity apparatus
  • Minipermeameter
  • Water-shut of equipment
  • Gas-brine relative permeameter
  • NMR spectrometer
  • Triaxial cell and loading frame for Vp, Vs and rock deformation experiments

The laboratory also has close collaboration with other groups in the University of Leeds, including the Electron microscopy Facility in Engineering.

Partners and sponsors

Industry sponsored research

We have a long-established track record of delivering industry focussed research through our Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) utilising the specialist facilities available in the Wolfson Multiphase Flow Laboratory. If you are interested in joining any of our projects as a sponsor contact Professor Quentin Fisher.

Current joint industry projects (JIPs)

We currently have three JIPs that utilise the specialist facilities in these labs.These JIPs remain open to new sponsors.

Petrophysics of Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs (PETGAS) 

The PETGAS JIP is creating a database on the petrophysical properties of tight gas sandstone reservoirs.

  • The project is sponsored by BG, BP, EBN, GDF Suez Shell, Wintershall and Aurelian.  The results of this project are available on the password protected sponsor website.
Shale Permeability (SHAPE)
  • This JIP aims to improve the measurement and understanding of shale permeability.
  • This project is sponsored by Chevron, EBN and Nexen. The SHAPE website gives details of the project.
Fault Rock Petrophysics (FAULTPROP)
  • This JIP aims to generate new data and understanding on the petrophysical properties of fault rocks essential for successful fault seal analysis. Details can be found on the FAULTPROP website.

Who can use the facility?

We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators. To make an enquiry please contact Professor Quentin Fisher, e: q.j.fisher@leeds.ac.uk.