Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis

Inductively coupled plasma analysis

Our equipment is capable of analysing a wide range of natural, synthetic and experimental samples and includes:

  • A Thermo Scientific iCAPQc ICP-MS capable of determining concentrations of some elements at ng / L concentrations
  • A Thermo Scientific iCAP 7400 Radial ICP-OES capable of determining concentrations of some elements at µg / L concentrations.


  • Thermo Fisher iCAPQc ICP-MS
  • Thermo Fisher iCAP 7400 Radial ICP-OES


These instruments are available for consultancy work and are used to analyse a wide range of aqueous samples. General methods have been developed and validated for the analysis of:

  • Fresh waters
  • Whole rock digests
  • Biological samples.

ICP-MS and ICP-OES are capable of analysing more than 70 elements and methods have also been developed for a wide range of specific applications either for general or more specialised methods.

Our ICP instrumentation can be set up for a number of more specialist techniques including:

  • Organic solvent analysis
  • Ion Chromatography-ICP-MS
  • Isotope dilution calibrations.

Who can use the facility?

We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators.


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