Sop Satchwell


I am a PhD researcher in the Sustainability Research Institute looking at policy approaches for equitable and effective carbon emission reduction.

I am particularly interested in the concept of Universal Basic Services as a way of meeting human needs within planetary boundaries, while simultaneously radically reducing inequality.

Before starting this project, I completed an MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Policy which culminated with research into how Climate activists perceive, discuss and enact justice in their practice. I then went on to work with Leeds Tidal on The Climate Equities Project which seeks redefine climate action to make it more relevant and meaningful for all communities and cultural contexts.

I have also spent time working with social enterprise Nifty Sustainability’s Midland Engine project, empowering young people to present their visions of sustainable futures to policymakers.

Research interests

  • Sustainable Welfare
  • Universal Basic Services
  • Degrowth
  • Ecological Economics


  • MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy, University of Leeds (Distinction)
  • BSc Physics

Research groups and institutes

  • Sustainability Research Institute
  • Economics and Policy for Sustainability
  • Social and Political Dimensions of Sustainability