Polly Foster

Polly Foster


I am a PhD student in the Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Science, my research is funded as part of the EPSRC Aerosol Science CDT. 

I graduated from University of Leeds in 2021 with a BSc in Meteorology and Climate Science. My undergraduate project looked at relationships between ice-nucleating particle concentrations and meteorological variables in a Finnish boreal forest. The first year of my PhD consisted of 7 months of training at University of Bristol in Core Aerosol Science, Research Methods, and Professionalism and Translation.

I then undertook a 3 month research project at University of Hertfordshire in the BioMEMS group, characterising the collection efficiency of a personal aerosol sampler. 

Research interests

  • Atmospheric ice-nucleation 
  • Aerosol sampling and detection 
  • Aerosol-cloud interactions
  • Microfluidic technology 


  • BSc Meteorology and Climate Science, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science