Patrick Sharrocks


I am a PhD student in the sedimentology research group interested in the sedimentary processes of tsunamis. Previously i completed an integrated master degree in Natural Sciences Specialising in Environment at the University of York. For my masters project i simulated the effect of the Storeega tsunami on Mesolithic communities in Northumberland using a numerical model with Dr Jon Hill. 

My PhD examines the sedimentary processes that occur within and beneath a tsunami. Currently our main source of information on tsunamis is from sediment deposits, however, very little knowledge of an event is extracted from these deposits other than rough estimations of wave height and run-up extents. This project aims to take recent advances in deep sea sedimentology and apply them to tsunami deposits through use of tsunami sediment cores from different locations potentially including Tonga and the Shetlands. 

I am funded by the NERC PANORAMA DTP. 


  • MSci Natural Sciences Specialising in Environment. University of York.

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Applied Geoscience
  • Sedimentology