Jack Law

Jack Law


I studied at the University of Edinburgh during my undergrad with an integrated masters degree in Geophysics and Meteorology. My masters project is on the trends of tropical cyclone-induced extreme rainfall in East Asia.

Research interests

I am currently doing a PhD project supervised by Prof Cathryn Birch, Prof John Marsham et al. on extreme humid heat extremes over Africa, funded by SENSE CDT. Since observational data are scarce in Africa, satellite measurements are used. I also compare observational data with the latest convective-permitting model CP4A. By analysing the data, I can find the key characteristics and physical processes that drive extreme humid heat, which is a threat to the livelihoods in Africa.

My other research interests are on tropical meteorology, particularly tropical cyclones. I look at weather model data and verify their track and intensity forecasts. So far I have done analysis on Western Pacific, Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins, but I plan to expand to Indian Ocean and South Pacific basins in the future.


  • Master of Earth Physics (MEarthPhys) (University of Edinburgh)