Josiane Kakeu

Josiane Kakeu


I am an Engineer of Forests and Wildlife, specialized in tropical forest management, wildlife conservation, and protected areas management. I hold a Master Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Queensland in Australia, where I majored in the fields of international environmental law, natural resource management, climate change and REDD+. Mindful of the central role of tropical forests in the global fight against climate change widely acknowledged as the most severe environmental challenge of this century, I focused my PhD research on the REDD+ mechanism (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), a UNFCCC-led scheme which promises financial compensation to disadvantaged forest-rich countries that engage in the sustainable management of their forests. My research seeks to enhance REDD+ performance in the Congo Basin forest; it investigates how existing forest-related agreements and policies support or undermine REDD+, and how international REDD+ rules resonate with national and local policies. The project employs a case study approach to explore institutional interactions between the Convention on Biological Diversity and REDD+, and across the international, national, and local levels of REDD+ implementation in Cameroon, the melting pot of forest governance in the Congo basin.

I have over seven years of experience in the management of natural resources, forest, protected areas, and the environment both within the public sector and non-governmental organizations. I worked for the Cameroonian Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife as a monitoring officer where I assumed an array of responsibilities including forest law enforcement, protected areas creation and management, and the design and implementation of wildlife management plans. As a Technical Assistant for the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats Program, I was involved in wildlife disease surveillance in Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. I joined IUCN Cameroon as a Consultant to provide assistance for the implementation of the Pro-Poor REDD+ pilot project which aimed to promote indigenous and local communities’ involvement in REDD+ activities. 

My PhD thesis aligns with my ambitions of exploring innovative ways to reconcile environmental preservation and economic development.

Research interests

  • Natural resource and environmental management 
  • Forest governance
  • Climate change policy 
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Protected areas management 
  • Indigenous and local communities involvement in environmental governance


  • Engineer of Forest and Wildlife
  • Masters in Environmental Management