Georgian Manuc

Georgian Manuc


I am a keen and highly motivated young geologist with extensive training from both academic and industry environments. Throughout my university years and up to my present career in industry, I have focused on courses and research topics pertaining to ore geology, structural geology, geochemistry, mineralogy and geological mapping techniques.

In June 2016 I have graduated the master program 'Evaluation of Sedimentary Basins and Mineral Resources' at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics. During the master project I had the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Exploration department of the Boliden Mineral A.B. mining company on the Petiknäs North VMS deposit in Northern Sweden. 

As for my industry experience, I have worked as project geologist doing geological mapping for a company that is providing geological studies for large infrastructure projects and in the mining industry, as an exploration geologist for Porphyry Copper deposits in SW Romania.

I came to Leeds in October 2017 for my PhD program. Here, I will broaden my knowledge in structural geology, geochemistry and ore deposits and I will try to understand the feedback relationships between the structural featrues and the geochemical changes associated with fluid transport in orogenic gold deposits.

Current Research Project

Title: Structural and geochemical differences in orogenic gold mineralization from the Newfoundland Appalachians and Irish Caledonides, and wider implications for orogenic gold models and exploration strategies

Funding scheme: Leeds Doctoral Scholarship

Research Grants

  • Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI)
  • The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)
  • The Applied Mineralogy Group (AMG) of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Summary: The project comprises both regional and deposit-scale structural and geochemical studies of gold occurrences from the Appalachian-Caledonian orogenic trend. The targeted occurrences are located along a major crustal-scale shear zone, the Baie Verte Line (Newfoundland) and it's subsidiary substructures, together with it’s orogenic counterpart in Ireland: the Fair Head-Clew Bay Line.

Aims: i) establish the structural evolution history of the BVL/FCL and of their subsidiary structures in relation to the formation and the localization of orogenic gold mineralization; ii) investigate the differences between the individual deposits, both in terms of their structural setting and their vein/fluid geochemistry; iii) generate a general structural and geochemical framework through which to investigate the distribution of the orogenic gold mineralization in the Baie Verte Peninsula of Newfoundland and Western Ireland.

Papers and Presentations

*Poster presentation - Shaw, JI; Manuc, G; Torvela, TM; Chapman, RJ. 2018 Structural and geochemical approaches to understanding orogenic gold mineralization. Mineral Deposits Study Group (MDSG) Conference, Brighton, England, 3-5 January 2018.

Research interests

Research topics and interests

  • Exploration of ore deposists
  • Structural controls on the genesis and evolution of hydrothermal deposits
  • Keen interest in Orogenic Gold Deposits, VMS and Porphyry Copper Deposists
  • Geological mapping

Demonstrating modules

  • Ore Deposits and their Exploration 
  • Geological Materials
  • Geological Maps 


  • Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)
  • Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposists (SGA) 
  • Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
  • The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)
  • Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Irish Association For Economic Geology
  • Society of Exploration Gephysicists (SEG)


  • BSc, Geological Engineering of Resources, University of Bucharest
  • MSc, Evaluation of Sedimentary Basins and Mineral Resources, University of Bucharest

Research groups and institutes

  • Ores and Mineralization
  • Institute of Applied Geoscience