Maximilian Nawrath

Maximilian Nawrath


Leeds York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) PhD student.

I am a postgraduate researcher at the Sustainability Research Institute, working together with Martin Dallimer (SRI) and Helen Elsey from the Institute of Health Sciences. My project aims to assess potential benefits of urban biodiversity to human health and wellbeing in Global South cities, and to understand urban residents' perceptions toward urban biodiversity in relation to their health and wellbeing. I am a member of the environment and development research group.

I have always been interested in linkages between people and biodiversity in cities, hence I specialised on urban ecosystem services and the benefits they can provide to urban residents. I wrote my master thesis about the influence of green streets on cycling behaviour in cities.

Research interests

  • Biodiversity
  • Urban green spaces
  • Urban ecosystem services
  • Linkages between biodiversity, human health and wellbeing


  • MSc in Urban Ecosystem Science, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
  • BSc in Arboriculture, University of Applied Sciences Göttingen, Germany

Research groups and institutes

  • Environment and Development
  • Sustainability Research Institute