Angela Small

Angela Small


Angela is both an early career researcher and a sustainable development practioner. She has a natural science background and has worked for a decade seeking to develop and adopt practical sustainable development solutions in the area of sustainable design, sustainable policy development and environmental valuation. She became chartered in 2011, and is a qualified sustainable design specialist for buildings and infrastructure. 

She is a strategic thinker, with a passion for learning and returned to academia in 2015 to study for her PhD part-time alongside a teaching and a research role at the Sustainability Research Institute. She is a passionate sustainability change agent who loves complex challenges which has lead her to live and work in a variety of cultural contexts including Scandiavia, the Middle East, Southern Africa, South America and Australia. 

Her current area of research focuses on the corporate use of natural capital and ecosystem service concepts. She is particularly interested in the potential advancement of both managerial decision making and systems thinking theory through the organisational use of the ecosystem service concept. Throughout her career, Angela has always enjoyed working with a diverse range of people in pursuit of develop sustainable development solutions. She is always happy to hear from others who share her research interests. 

In 2018 she won the British Academy of Management (Sustainable and Responsible Business), Developmental Paper Award titled - Organisations, Ecosystem Service and Corporate Sustainability; a 21st century solution? 

Research interests

Angela is interested in understanding the relationship between the organisation and the natural environment, pursuing research that may lead to the development of sustainable organisations.

Her research interests focus on two research areas:

1) Ecosystem services and natural capital: Exploring the relationship between the corporate sustainability agenda of an organisation and the use of natural capital and ecosystem services, from a systems perspective.

2) Climate change: As a research assistant role under the direction of Dr Sally Russell she is in interested in research exploring the emotional attributions of climate change in organisations.


  • Chartered Environmentalist
  • Sustainable Design Accredited Professional (BREEAM, CEEQUAL, Estidama)
  • MA Environmental Consultancy
  • BSc Environmental Science

Research groups and institutes

  • Business Organisations for Sustainable Societies
  • Economics and Policy for Sustainability
  • Sustainability Research Institute