Zubaida Umar Baba


Zubaida Umar is a PhD researcher at the University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment. Her research focuses on understanding the livelihoods and coping strategies of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Northern Nigeria, particularly in response to the Boko Haram Insurgency. With a background of working with vulnerable groups in Nigeria, Zubaida employed a multifaceted approach that encompasses livelihoods, capability, and social capital to create a framework. This framework aims to assist policymakers worldwide in designing policymakers worldwide in designing effective policies for displaced and vulnerable individuals.

Zubaida’s academic achievements include an MSc in Environmental Sustainability from Napier University, Edinburgh, a Master of Arts in Development studies from Bayero University, Kano in Nigeria, along with a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Policy and Administration.

Before pursuing her doctoral studies, Zubaida served as a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Management at Bayero University Kano, Nigeria, while actively volunteering to support IDPs in the country’s northeast region

Research interests

Zubaida’s research interests’ cuts across academia and outreach activities, therefore during her research journey, Zubaida engaged in various fieldwork activities with staff and students, invigilated exams, and collaborated with like-minded researchers. Together, they secured funding from the British academy, organising online and in-person workshops that addressed the challenges faced by female researchers conducting fieldwork in conflict environments. Their efforts aimed to address trauma and violence experienced during research and support researchers in similar contexts.

Zubaida is dedicated to community service, having engaged in volunteering efforts to support refugee women in Leeds.


  • BSc, Political Science
  • PGD, Social Policy and Administration
  • MA, Development Studies
  • MSc, Environmental Sustainability

Research groups and institutes

  • Environment and Development