Harry Wells


MSci Biological Sciences (University of Bristol)

BSc Biological Sciences (University of Bristol)

Research interests

Main research interests are both applied and theoretical aspects of Restoration Ecology and sustainable land management (particularly in dryland social-ecosystems). PhD project on rangeland social-ecosystems in a semi-arid region of Kenya, focusing on three main areas:

1) Investigating the impacts of livestock grazing pressure on savanna vegetation and the interacting effects of the presence of different wildlife guilds.

2) Evaluating the influence of livestock corral ('boma') occupancy duration on the persistence of the effects of resulting hot-spots (or glades) on plants and herbivores, to optimise the use of bomas as a management tool for restoring degraded areas and increasing heterogeneity.

3) Exploring the use of knowledge co-production as an approach for determining land health trend and status in a communally managed area.

I am also interested in what role GIS and remote sensing can play in monitoring restoration efforts.


  • MSci Biological Sciences
  • BSc Biological Sciences

Research groups and institutes

  • Environment and Development
  • Sustainability Research Institute