Ronan Agnew

Ronan Agnew


I am a PhD student in the Applied Geophysics group, working on glacier seismology. I completed an MSci in Physics at the University of Bristol in 2018; my master’s project developed a novel optical profilometer based on DVD drive components, which was capable of imaging microscale topography in real time.


I am funded by the NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP):


Research interests

My PhD aims to explore the potential of converted wave seismology in a glaciological setting. In particular, it focusses on P-to-S-wave conversions (where an incident pressure wave is converted to a reflected shear wave) at the base-ice interface, and what we can learn about a glacier’s basal conditions from studying this type of reflection. Quantifying these basal conditions is key for understanding glacier flow and predicting future ice sheet evolution, and is therefore a key component of forecasting future sea-level rise.

Keywords: glaciology, seismology, converted waves



  • MSci Physics, University of Bristol

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Geophysics
  • Institute of Applied Geoscience