Hazel Mooney

Hazel Mooney


I’m a PhD researcher working in the School of Earth and Environment, supported by the NERC Panorama DTP. My project title seeks to explore the climate side effects and co-benefits of an expansion to UK forests. I achieved my MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy degree at the University of Leeds following my undegraduate degree, BSc Environmental Science, also at the University of Leeds. Alongside my studies, between 2019 and 2021, I was employed by the United Bank of Carbon as Science and Communications Officer researching the ecosystem service delivery of greenspaces, in particular trees and woodlands, and communicating this research.

Research interests

My PhD will explore the impacts of tree planting and landscape restoration on the climate and the delivery of co-benefits associated with large scale tree planting. I am interested in the delivery of ecosystem services and communicating the value of trees. I am part of the Biosphere-Atmosphere research group.


  • MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy
  • BSc Environmental Science

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science