Dr. Timmy Francis

Dr. Timmy Francis


Timmy’s current research focusses on the climatic implications of future low carbon aviation, employing the UK Met Office Unified Model (UM). He has many years’ experience working with UM in various configurations (global, high resolution nests) as well as the UK Chemistry Aerosol (UKCA) model, on High Performance Computing Facilities.

         His previous research experiences include: operational fog/visibility forecast employing UKCA in high resolution (330m) nested configuration (Urban Modelling), Radiative forcing studies employing UM (nested, 1.5 km grid length) via double radiation call approach, Convection permitting model (UM-Regional, 4km) simulations of Mesoscale Convective Systems, CFMIP Observation Simulator (Satellite Simulator) Package (COSP) in UM (Global), Chemical transport modelling using GEOS-Chem and so on. He also worked extensively in the field measurements of aerosols and trace gases over India and their chemical analysis in laboratory. He developed an interest in the paleoclimate as well, with stable isotopic studies on speleothems for Indian Sumer Monsoon reconstruction, luminescence dating of sand dunes, lake sediments etc. He also has experience simulating high energy particles – matter interactions using GEANT4.

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  • PhD, Physical Research Laboratory, India