Dr Charlotte Botter

Dr Charlotte Botter


I started at the University of Leeds in January 2018 as a Teaching Fellow in Applied Geophysics and Petroleum Geology. I am lecturing in the MSc programs: Exploration Geophysics - Structural geology with geophysics.

Research-wise I am part of the Basin Structure Group, working on integrated geophysical and rheological modelling of the lithosphere. I am also working with seismic characterisation of faults, including fault and seismic modelling.

I completed my PhD in 2016 at the University of Stavanger on Seismic Imaging of Fault Zones (2012-2016, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, NFR-PETROMAKS 210425). We used forward modelling methods to study the impact of faults on seismic images in order to improve their representation and characterisation. My Phd was under the supervision and in collaboration of Professor Nestor Cardozo (University of Stavanger), Dr Isabelle Lecomte (University of Bergen - NORSAR), Dr Stuart Hardy (University of Barcelona), Dr Gaynor Payton (GeoTeric) and Prof. Atle Rotevatn (University of Bergen).

I have also been part for six months in 2016 as postdoctoral researcher of the SEISBARS project, in collaboration with UniResearch CIPR (Drs Jan Tveranger and Dongfang Qu), and the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (Novosibirsk, Russia) (Prof. Vladimir Cheverda,  Dr Dmitriy Kolyukhin) to work on seismic characterisation of fault facies models.

In 2017, I joined DIAS (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) as a postdoctoral researcher on the thermodynamic and rheological modelling of lithosphere underneath the Porcupine Basin (offshore Ireland).


  • Lecturer for MSc Exploration Geophysics
  • Lecturer for MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics

Research interests

Main interests:

  • Seismic characterisation of faults (using seismic attributes)
  • Geomechanical modelling (discrete element method) of faults and strain analysis
  • Ray-based forward seismic modelling of faults
  • Rock physics applied to faulting in siliclastic rocks
  • Basin modelling
  • Geodymamic modelling: integrated geophysical and rheological modelling of the lithosphere (developement of a module to compute a laterally variable elastic thickness of the lithosphere)


Awards and grants:

  • Best Young presenter at the EAGE Fourth International Conference on Fault and Top Seals in Almeria, Spain. 20-24 September 2015
  • Paper “The effect of fluid flow in relay ramps on seismic images over production time” selected for the “Best of Petroleum Geoscience dedicated session” at the Conference: 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017.
  • Participation in the writing of the SEISBARS project (grant no. 233646) funded through the NORRUSS program of the Norwegian Research Council.
  • PACE travel grant for the Conference: 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017.
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  • PhD, University of Stavanger
  • MSc, Civil Engineering in Numerical Geology, National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG)
  • BSc, Engineering Science, Speciality Geoscience, National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG)

Professional memberships

  • EAGE
  • AAPG
  • EGU
  • AGU

Student education

For the academic year 2018-2019 (semester 2)

  • Module leader for SOEE5171: Seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphy
  • Lecturing seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphy on seismic data for the modules SOEE5171 and SOEE5174
  • Lecturing seismic interpetation and sequence stratigraphy for the undegraduate module SOEE3740

In 2018, I was lecturing:

  • Seismic interpretation (SOEE5171-5174M)
  • Sequence stratigraphy on seismic data (SOEE5171-5174M)
  • Petroleum Geology (SOEE5129-5132M)

Previously (2014-2015, two years):

  • Lecturing Petrophysics/Introduction to well logging (BSc courses at the University of Stavanger)

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Geophysics
  • Institute of Applied Geoscience
  • Geosolutions Leeds
  • Basin Structure