Dr Zhiqiang Cui

Dr Zhiqiang Cui

Research interests

Zhiqiang Cui is interested in the studies of various clouds, their interaction with aerosol, and precipitation. Zhiqiang Cui uses various sources of data, such as aircraft, radar, lidar, satellite, and gridded data in his research. The models he uses include the Unified Model, MONC, WRF, RAMS, HYSPLIT, CM1, and MAC3. He applies statistical methods in his research, for example, regression, time series, variance analysis, cluster analysis, extreme value theory, and other data mining techniques.

Zhiqiang Cui is a Science Domain Expert of Centre for Excellence for Modelling the Atmosphere and Climate.

  • Aerosol-cloud interaction
  • Precipitation and flood
  • Cloud microphysics
  • Cloud dynamics
  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • Human health
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Professional memberships

  • NERC Peer Review College
  • Royal Meteorological Society

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science