Dr Sarah Dennis

Dr Sarah Dennis


I am the Institute Manager for the Global Food and Environment Institute. The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) is an interdisciplinary research community at the University of Leeds, which brings together members from across academia, industry and public policy. Please see our website for more information https://www.leeds.ac.uk/global-food-environment-institute 


  • Institute Manager for Global Food and Environment Institute
  • UK- China Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) programme Coordinator

Research interests

In a past research life Sarah worked as an observational scientist with her main research interests within the marine boundary layer turbulent fluxes and in particular the production sea spray aerosol. She has extensive experience in the field having worked on both land based and ship based campaigns all over the world from the central Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Peninsula. Sarah obtained a PhD in Sea Spray Aerosol at the University of Leeds in 2006. Since gaining her PhD she continued to be an important member of the Air-Sea Interaction team at the University of Leeds as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant until 2016. 

  • Meteorology
  • Air – Sea interaction - transfer of particles and gases particularly Sea Spray aerosols
  • Ocean surface properties such as bubbles, whitecaps, wave breaking and currents.
  • Eddy covariance flux measurements
  • Micrometeorology
  • Aerosol instrumentation development and deployment in the field.


  • BSc, Meteorology, University of Reading
  • PhD, Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds

Professional memberships

  • Member of the Royal Meteorological Society
  • Academic Representative on the Membership Development Board at the Royal Meteorological Society.