Dr Stanley Yip

Dr Stanley Yip


I completed my PhD at the University of Bristol in 2023, where I worked on developing a framework for reconciling observations of volcano deformation and degassing. By integrating multiparameter datasets, I quantified the exsolved volatile (gas bubble) content in magma, which modulates magma compressibility and is key to volcano monitoring.

Key results include:

  • the lack of deformation detected in arc volcanoes can be caused by its high water content
  • most magmatic systems undergo a certain degree of outgassing prior to an eruption
  • geophysical monitoring time-series have the potential to assess changes in the compressibility and hence gas content of a magma reservoir during an ongoing eruption.

My latest work explored how magma heterogeneity affects volcano monitoring signals, which ties in nicely with my current position in Leeds. 

My research focus in Leeds explores how heterogeneity in the crust modulates ground movement. This multidisciplinary project will use analogue modelling, geological fieldwork and Finite Element modelling to constrain realistic parameters of volcanic systems.

Research interests

My research interest includes developing new insights into the magma plumbing system using multiparameter datasets including geophysics and geochemistry, and exploring how the interplay between magma and crust affect volcano monitoring signals. My experience with numerical modelling and finite element analysis of the magma and crust, combined with remote sensing techniques including processing and analysing InSAR, allows me to study volcanoes through a mutlidisciplinary lens.

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  • PhD, Geology, University of Bristol
  • MSci, Geology, University of Bristol

Research groups and institutes

  • Volcanology
  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics