kirk Handley


Academically inclined towards physics, geophysics and materials science.Originally graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne with a degree in physics and geophysics.Subsequently worked at the department of Physics, University of Leeds from 1986 to 1987 for Professor Ian Ward working on research into increasing the tensile strength of such high modulus polymers as HDPE and PET as well as investigating the dielectric properties of acrylamides.Now employed by the same University in the School of Earth and Environment as technical support officer for engineering geology and geophysics.My role is in geomaterials testing, data analysis and instruction to undergraduate, masters and PhD students.I also provide help and guidance on the use of geophysical equipment within the field.

L.J.West,Y Huang , K Handley SAGEEP 14, GTD5 (2001): Dependence of Sandstone dielectric behaviour on moisture content and lithology.(Conference paper)


L Jared West and K Handley ,Anthony L Endres SAGEEP 16, 949 (January 2003):

An Analysis of the Dielectric constant – water content relationship for Granular media; A Combined Laboratory and Modelling study.(Conference paper)


L.J.West, David M Rippen ,Tavi Murray, Heidy M Mader, Bryan Hubbard

(acknowledgements: K Handley) Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics volume 12 ,37 (March 2007) :

Dielectric Permittivity measurements on ice cores: Implications for Interpretation of Radar Data to Yield Glacial Unfrozen water content. (Journal paper)

Leaching behaviour of a Chromium smelter waste heap D.Deakin , LJ West , DI Stewart, BWD Yardley Waste Mangagement 21 (2001) 265 -70 (acknowledgements : K Handley and L Forbes)

Assessing the Shear Strength of Rock Discontinuities at Laboratory and Field Scales (S.R.Hencher & L.R.Richards) Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (2014) (acknowledgements : K Handley)

A levels : Physics, Chemistry, Pure Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics

BSc Physics (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne),

Certificate in Applied Geophysics (University of Twente, Netherlands),

Certificate in Programming Skills ( Python for GIS) (University of Twente,Netherlands)

Postgraduate certificate in Civil Engineering (Heriot Watt University,Edinburgh,UK)


ISRM International Society of Rock Mechanics,

AGS (Association of geotechnical specialists)

Geotechnical interests :- Currently working on developing improved methods for analyzing data from direct shear tests of rock discontinuities for the purposes of rewriting the international standard on suggested methods for rock characterization, testing and monitoring.

Geophysical interests :- The use of high resolution GPR for discontinuity mapping in 3D

Geophysical techniques for contaminent mapping

Optimising array design for commercial geophysical surveys

Remote sensing for geotechnical mapping


Developing a course on core logging to EU standards

Demonstration to students, instruction in data analysis

Ordering resources, maintaining laboratory and field equipment.