Dr Larissa Hansen


I am a Research Fellow in the Stratigraphy Group working on stratigraphic trap architecture in channelized lobe settings. My research interest focuses on utilizing multiple types of datasets (outcrop, subsurface and modern seafloor data) to further our understanding of deep-water sedimentology.

I obtained a BSc from the University of Queensland (Australia) in 2008 and joined Origin Energy in Brisbane as a Graduate Geologist for 3 years. Between 2012 and 2016 I did my PhD at the University of Aberdeen working on submarine channel-related thin-bedded turbidites utilizing both outcrop and modern seafloor data.


University of Aberdeen, PhD 2012-2016

PhD title: Architecture and sedimentology of submarine channel-rleated thin-bedded turbidites

The main aim of my PhD was to establish recognition criteria for different types of submarine channel-related thin-bedded turbidites utilizing outcrop data from Mexico (Rosario Formation) and Chile (Cerro Toro Formation), and modern seafloor data from offshore Nigeria and the Gioia Basin in the Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy.

Supervisors: Prof Ben Kneller, Dr Ian Kane, Dr Richard Callow, Dr Fabiano Gamberi


University of Queensland, BSc in Geology 2006-2008



Hansen, L., Callow, R., Kane, I. & Kneller, B., 2017. Differentiating submarine channel-related thin-bedded turbidite facies: Outcrop examples from the Rosario Formation, Mexico. Sedimentary Geology, 358, 19–34.

Hansen, L.A.S., Janocko, M., Kane, I., Kneller, B., 2017. Submarine channel evolution, terrace development, and preservation of intra-channel thin-bedded turbidites: Mahin and Avon channels, offshore Nigeria. Marine Geology, 383, 146-167.

Li, P., Kneller, B., Hansen, L., Kane, I., 2016. The classical turbidite outcrop at San Clemente, California revisited: an example of sandy submarine channels with asymmetric facies architecture. Sedimentary Geology, 346, 1-16.

Hansen, L.A.S., Callow, R.H.T., Kane, I., F., Rovere, M., Cronin, B.T., Kneller, B., 2015. Genesis and character of thin-bedded turbidites associated with submarine channels. Marine and Petroleum Geology 67, 852–879.



  • Sedimentology Group seminar series coordinator
  • PhD student supervision
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  • PhD in Geology (2016)
  • BSc in Geology (2008)

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  • AAPG
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