Dr Víctor Cartelle

Dr Víctor Cartelle


With a background in oceanography, my research activity focuses on marine geology, particularly the coastal response to sea-level changes and the evolution of depositional environments under different driving mechanisms.

During my thesis, I have performed seismic and sedimentary data integration to reconstruct the evolution of depositional environments in coastal incised valleys (the Galician rias), developing sedimentary models to constrain their sedimentary and spatial relationship. My PhD was funded by the predoctoral grant scheme (Spanish Ministry of Economy) as part of the research project “Evaluation and contextualisation of methane reservoirs in the Galician estuaries in relation to variations in sea level and environmental changes during the Postglacial”. During this stage I also had the opportunity to participate in the elaboration of a technical report mainly focused on understanding sedimentary dynamics in the shallow coastal areas off Guatemala.

After finishing my PhD, I have been awarded a contract for 2.5 years to join the University of Leeds as a postdoctoral research fellow as part of the RISeR research project (Rates of Interglacial Sea-Level Change, and Responses), led by Natasha L.M. Barlow and funded by the European Research Council’s Starting Grant scheme. As part of the project, I have been responsible for planning a drilling survey in the southern North Sea to collect new sediment cores to reconstruct relative sea-level changes during the Last Interglacial. I have been analysing and integrating large datasets of seismic, sedimentary, and geotechnical data obtained to support the offshore wind industry to locate the areas with the highest potential to record sea-level changes and reconstruct landscape evolution.

Although at the moment I am focused on research activities, I always try to get involved in teaching. While studying for my PhD I had the opportunity to teach Basin Analysis, Geological oceanography II and Coastal and marine sedimentary environments to undergraduate students at the University of Vigo (120 hours, Marine Science Degree). I have also completed a Master to get the qualification for high-school teaching in Spain. At the University of Leeds, I have been involved in the design of practicals for the MSc in Structural Geology to introduce students to the use of high-resolution seismic data for offshore windfarm planning. I have also co-supervised 2 MSc thesis (MSc in Exploration with Geophysics, University of Leeds) and a Bachelor Thesis (Environmental Science BSc, University of Leeds).

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  • PhD, Marine Science, Technology and Management, University of Vigo (2019)
  • Masters in Teaching, University of Vigo (2019)
  • MSc in Oceanography, University of Vigo (2013)
  • Degree in Marine Science (Licenciatura), University of Vigo (2012)

Professional memberships

  • Quaternary Research Association (QRA)
  • European Geosciences Union (EGU)
  • International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Applied Geoscience